Assess the 5 business risks and apply our SecureSCALE Method.

Using Our 100+ Point Assessment, You will gain Clarity on:

  • Areas of legal consideration to prioritize your time and energy on.

  • Specific professionals to work with and

  • What states to find assistance in

  • Bring attention to strategies that may need to be urgently pursued to protect the business or wealth

  • Identify the “multi-state” issues that may affect your business now or in the near future

The Assessment Touches on Issues Related to:

  • Employment
  • Taxation

  • Intellectual property

  • Business formatting and structuring

  • Corporate formalities

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Internal controls
  • Estate planning

  • Contracts

  • Website policies and disclaimers

  • And more


For businesses generating less than $100k /yr



For businesses generating $100k-300k/yr



For businesses generating $300k-$1M+ /yr


Meet Your Mentor, Friend, & Strategist

I’m Jay Razzouk, a California business attorney, with over 10 years’ experience litigating across 20 states in matters involving legal compliance at Fortune 500s. I am also an adjunct professor at La Sierra University and the founder of ProSCALE Legal Coaching and the SecureSCALE method. 

I help business owners employ legal strategies and wisdom to SecurelySCALE their business beyond 7 figures.

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DISCLAIMER: ProSCALE Legal is a white glove educational program and does not provide legal advice, legal services, legal representation, nor an attorney-client relationship.  As such, there is no attorney-client privilege.  This means that, unlike an attorney-client relationship, information shared with Jay could be subjected to compelled disclosure by a legal investigation.  You are responsible for determining what information you share.